Action to raise public awareness of urban biodiversity : Saving biodiversity starts in our garden. Open-air exhibition created by students in the gardens of the International University of Rabat. This exhibit would include examples of nesting boxes and insect hotels. We must build hotels, whose functions are both ecological and artistic : All styles are allowed, from the most eccentric to the most rustic or modern. Also, try to use natural or recycled materials. For example, the base can be formed by old wooden apple boxes or an old dresser from which the drawers have been removed. Then, you have to fill the empty spaces by adding pieces or branches of wood that you drill to help nesting, pinecones fallen from trees, etc. The insect hotels can contain hollow rods, wood straw or logs with holes, intended to accommodate wild bees, butterflies, ladybugs, etc. Indeed, these insect hotels can also host ladybugs which are excellent eaters of harmful insects such as aphids. Small actions lead to big changes. We will try to involve the student clubs of our university, in particular the environmental club of the UIR UI'AIR which is involved in several awareness-raising actions, including environmental protection.

Name of Organization
Center For Global Studies UIR Rabat
Event City and Country
Rabat, Morocco
Event Date