A Better Urban Future: Climate and Environmental Challenges in the city

The round table is organized as part of the 10th  Russian National Award for lanscape Architecture Festival and Youth Lanscape Forum that have a national significance in the field of sustainable urban development, climate conservation, landscape architecture, landscaping.

Names and Titles of Speakers

T.I. Volftrub, President of Association of Landscape Architects of Russia;                                                     
S.N. Romanova, Editor -in -Chief, Union of Architects of Russia;                              
Rana MD Masood Parves, Urbanist, Bangladesh;                                                        
I.N. Ilina,Professor at the faculty of Urnan Development, National Research Institute - Higher School of Economics;                                                      
N.A. Porotnikova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Ecology, National Research  University - Higher School of Economics.                                       
The event will be attended by Russian and international companies operating in the Russian Federation

Scroll of Honour Videos showcasing their work