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Art in the Time of Corona 3, 4, 5, 6 - Recovery Roses by Selva Ozelli

Cities are responsible for most of global carbon dioxide emissions as well as covid-19 cases. 200 of the world’s leading health journals released a joint statement pleading with global leaders to cut greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, which they say is the greatest threat to public health. New World Health Organization Global Air Quality Guidelines provide clear evidence of the damage air pollution inflicts on human health, at even lower concentrations than previously understood. The guidelines recommend new air quality levels to protect the health of populations, by reducing levels of key air pollutants, some of which also contribute to climate change. Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, alongside climate change. My art shows explore the connection between pollution and the pandemic with the virus depicted in the form of roses, as they have been cultivated all over the world in 40,000 varieties with the hope for a green recovery from the pandemic.

Name of Organization
Selva Ozelli
Event City and Country
New York, United States of America
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