Kisumu County's Tree Cover stands at about 0.45 % which is way below the National average. This year's World Habitat Day celebrations calls on acceleration of Urban Action towards acarbon free world. At Winam Grassroots we believe that part of the action we could contribute to is by increasing Kisumu City's tree cover. We therefore have rallied all major stakeholders withinKisumu to plant trees. We have rallied schools, churches, hospitals and all county and Government instituions to spend two hours in planting trees around Kisumu City. We intend to plant 50,000 trees and this is in collaboration with the Kenya Forests Services. Efforts towards reducing carbon emissions willbe lobbying for a walk to work day and this too shallbe lead by the County Government of Kisumu alongside Winam Grassroots During the Launch we will have Kisumu's top leadership will be present so that they can call upon and lead the County towards this great initiative.

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Kisumu, Kenya
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