“ISRAEL URBAN WEEK” will take place from the 17th -20th October, within the framework of UN HABITAT’s URBAN OCTOBER. It will take place in partnership with UN HABITAT, and will host delegations from several other National Urban Forums. The first three days of the convention will take place in Akko, and the last session will take place in the framework of the MUNI EXPO in Tel Aviv. The first 3 days will be a part of the 3rd Akko Convention and focus on the New Urban Agenda proposed by UN HABITAT, placing emphasis on the “urban economy” in the wake of Covid 19, and in the face of severe climate impact. As part of the convention several sessions will take place and some tours around Akko surrounding area. A declaration debated and approved by the convention delegates, laying out the steps that must be taken in order to achieve the goal of sustainable urbanism, will be presented by the Mayor of Akko at the Muni EXPO conference to be held by the Center for Local Government the day after the Akko Convention.

Event City and Country
Tel Aviv, Israel
Event Date