The Akko Convention on Urbanism is the most important event in Israel on the theme of sustainable urban living. It generates a meeting and mingling of sectors and disciplines, national and local decision-makers, academia, businesses and civil society. The Convention is an initiative of the Israel Urban Forum (IUF) and the City of Akko, in close collaboration with the Center for Local Government, the Ministry of Construction and Housing together with other ministries, academic, business and civil society partners and UN HABITAT. The Themes of the Convention The 3rd Akko Convention will focus on the New Urban Agenda proposed by UN HABITAT, placing emphasis on the “urban economy” in the wake of Covid 19, and in the face of severe climate impact. The challenge we face: How can cities and their communities advance quality of life and lead market forces to urban development, through better management of municipal resources, looking ahead to improved quality of life and respectful coexistence among the diverse urban populations?

Event City and Country
Akko, Israel
Event Date