2021 UN World Habitat Day Special Observance & Forum

In commemoration of the 2021 World Habitat Day, the Korean National Committee for UN-HABITAT(KNCUH) will be holding a Special Ceremony and Forum with Goyang City(Goyang), one of the leading cities for carbon neutrality policy in Korea. This year, Korea became the 14th country in the world to legislate the ‘Carbon Neutrality Act’ which requests the government to achieve a 35% of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 or more than from the level of 2018. However, this will be a significant and substantial turning point in Korea’s sustainable development only when active support and participation from local governments and citizens is backed up. On this common interest of both organizations, this year’s event consists of two main sessions, firstly, ‘The responsibilities and roles of local governments under the enactment of the Carbon Neutrality Act’, and secondly, ‘Measures to encourage civic participation to achieve carbon neutrality. In the sessions, there will be experts in the field of carbon neutrality, researchers from the Goyang Research Institute, officials of the Ministry of Environment, environmentalists, citizen representatives on the panel, to discuss limitations of the past carbon-free policies and future countermeasures for successful transformation towards the carbon-free cities.

Event City and Country
Goyang City, Republic of Korea
Event Date