The 1st Asia Urban Actors Cooperation Conference

In recent years, Asian cities have been drawn into a massive vortex of change. In particular, the unprecedented socio-economic and environmental changes associated with the fourth industrial revolution, climate crisis, and the pandemic have forced cities and citizens to transform themselves. To survive in the tide of change, we must respond to the enormous challenges and crises, technologically and institutionally, in a proper manner. What is also required is to create a new urban environment in which diverse agents work together for “conviviality”. Appropriate utilization of digital technology and the development of infrastructure is critical for actualizing urban conviviality, and to correctly correspond to digital innovation, it is essential to entirely reform and expand basic infrastructures for urban lives. From this perspective, for many Asian cities, “enabling digital infrastructure”, which is designed and utilized to enhance human empowerment, will open the door to new possibilities. Based on these recognitions, we are launching the first Korea-Asia Urban Cooperation Conference on October 31, 2022 (on-offline hybrid), to restore solidarity to resolve the massive vortex of change and the urban crisis facing Korea and Asia, strengthen global collective intelligence, and create amicable relations between Korean and Asian cities.

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SEOUL, Republic of Korea
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