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Ставки на Киберспорт
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Ставки на Киберспорт
Watch this video to find out how Epic Online Services (EOS) gives game developers—using any engine—a multitude of free services that bring cross-platform functionality for authentication, multiplayer, voice chat, and much more. For more information, visit:

Epic Games offers these services so that you can add powerful features to your game without having to worry about infrastructure, cost, or building out the features yourself.

EOS can roughly be divided into three sets of services:
- Game Services, which cover multiplayer, progressions, and game operations
- Epic Account Services, which provide Epic account identity, friends, and presence management
- Store Services to manage Epic Games transactions

Check out the video to find out more! For more information, take a look here:
- Developer Documentation:
- News & blog posts:
- Community forums:

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