On The Way to Art

Art always exists in the context, and besides individuals, initiatives and institutions it always includes infrastructure. Togliatti Philharmonic is located at former Chemist's Hall built in 1975, and the general area of the building is known as Arts' Square, though it never got it legally. This place is very popular amongst locals, celebrations, concerts and commemorations are held here. Suffered from lack of support and vandalism in 90s, the place emerged in 2015, when the fountain and square were rebuilt.

Samara governor Dmitry Azarov participatory budget initiative "SODeistvie" launched in 2017 offers support for urban innovation and restoration of public spaces.
Hence, Togliatti Philharmonic and local leaders applied for it and gained support in 2020, buying equipment for concert activity and reviving post-coronoviral society with multitude of concerts.

In 2021 the ambition spreads to restoration of the open space in front of the Philharmonic Hall. The activists will present new concept of the space and answer the questions of public at the meeting. The event would be supported by professional musicians from the Philharmonic.

Names and Titles of Speakers

Vladislav Radkov

Event City and Country
Tolyatti, Russian Federation
Event Date
Scroll of Honour Videos showcasing their work