Urban Fridays: Developing policies and mechanisms to finance urbanization

"Urban Fridays" will be five meetings held at the Urban Circuit 2020 with the purpose of disseminating tools, methodologies and projects implemented by the UN-Habitat offices in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African Countries. The meetings will address several topics such as: mapping and data production, urban resilience, politics and financing of urbanization, spatial development frameworks and Development Plans for 2030.

The third meeting, entitled "Urban Fridays: Developing policies and mechanisms to finance urbanization", will present methodologies and experiences in analyzing the regulatory framework and challenges of urban policies for the different contexts of Portuguese-speaking countries, in addition to sharing experiences in developing policies and mechanisms to finance urbanization.

- Jeiza Barbosa: Opening and moderation (10 min)
- Thomaz Ramalho: Challenges and recommendations for urban policy in Portuguese-speaking countries (15 min)
- João Domingos: Urban and Housing Diagnostics (15 min)
- Rafael António: Basis for the elaboration of the National Policy for Spatial Planning and Urbanism (PNOTU) of Angola (15 min)
- Maria da Luz Bettencourt: Urban policies of Cape Verde: PNOTU and PNH (15 min)
- Room for the exchange of experiences from other lusophone countries (15 min)
- Questions and debates (10 min)
- Evandro Holz: Closure (5 min)

Event City and Country
Luanda, Angola
Event Date