The Right to the City from the Margins: Collaborative Methodologies for the Construction of Cities

The seminar was intended as a discussion space for urban territories on the margins of metropolises or in the periphery of global capitalism, and which has - as its particular context - activities and large projects with an extractive nature, and through which, with great impacts on the dynamics of urban planning, access to land and the general well-being of communities, affecting especially those crossed by issues of race, income, gender, nationality and others.The general objective of the event is to create a network of joint actions between borders and intercontinental in the confrontation of inequalities in peripheral/ marginal territories, through the multiplication of the " collaborative city planning " methodology, designed from diversity, the association of popular education and action research is developed by the Popular School of City Planning.  Thus, we seek to disseminate and expand actions of integral, fair and diverse transformation of our cities in the Global South.

Event City and Country
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
Event Date