Inclusive Design: What if we built a world that was accessible to all?

Inclusive Design is a design approach that seeks to ensure everyone can experience the world in a fair and equal way. This means accounting for and celebrating diversity in how we design and plan the built environment. The session will bring together a diverse panel of experts to discuss what inclusive design looks like in practice for them, who benefits and how it can offer methods to build a more accessible world that benefits all of us. The session will bring together speakers from Mongolia, Indonesia and the UK to discuss inclusive design and accessibility in the built environment around the world. The session will also launch the Global Disability Innovation Hub's first Inclusive Infrastructure case study, which looks at inclusive and accessible environment in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, delivered in partnership with AIFO, Tegsh Niigem and Universal Progress ILC.

Designed to spark conversation and debate; panellists will provide an overview of their work followed by a wider discussion on the topic.

The fourth in the GDI Hub's digital event series, this session will take place at 1pm BST on Thursday 22nd October as part of the UN-Habitat's Urban October - exploring the challenges and opportunities created by the fast rate of change in our cities and towns. With World Habitat Day on the 5 October and World Cities Day on 31st this Disability Innovation Live session explores the expanding field of Inclusive Design and its potential to create a fairer world.

Names and Titles of Speakers

Iain McKinnon, Co-Director and Inclusive Design Lead, Global Disability Innovation Hub;
Peter Carr, member of the Built Environment Access Panel, London Legacy Development Corporation and Founder and Chairman, Standing Start;
Mikaela Patrick, Inclusive Design Researcher, Global Disability Innovation Hub;
Tamirkhuu Narangerel, Researcher, Universal Progress ILC;
Nyam-Ochir Byambadorj, Researcher, Universal Progress ILC;
Nina Asterina, Program Manager, Kota Kita

Event City and Country
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Event Date
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