II Symposium on City Management - Pandemic, urban vulnerabilities and city management

The global crisis inaugurated with the pandemic of COVID-19 has brought to light old and new problems of the current model of society, with direct repercussions on the dynamics of cities. The consequences of contagion and the effects of the pandemic not only reproduce but also open up socioeconomic inequalities and urban vulnerabilities that are characteristic of our segregating urbanization model. With this in mind, the Laboratory of Studies in City and Territory Management at the Universidade Federal do Cariri (LaCITE-UFCA), together with several partners, will hold the II Symposium on City Management. The event is free and aimed at students, teachers, researchers, public managers, representatives of social movements, civil society organizations and others interested in discussing city management. The central purpose of the event is to strengthen a plural space for the debate of ideas and the construction of alternatives and action strategies.

For full list of speakers check: www.circuitourbano.org

Event City and Country
Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil
Event Date