Change is Possible

To celebrate World Cities Day, we will extend an invitation to all Plovdiv residents and guests to share their thought and ideas on how they imagine the city tomorrow and in 10 years. On the 31st of October, we will place our yellow City Living Room at the central square so citizens can join this urban October initiative under the slogan #ChangeisPossible by recording a video message. We want to find out what kind of city people dream of and what is still missing for it to become the city of dreams for its inhabitants. Throughout the day, every willing citizen can come and express their opinion on issues such as: “What should we do to make Plovdiv a more beautiful, greener, and cleaner city? Who does the change depend on? Who is responsible for it? And how to make sure that tomorrow we all wake up in a city created FOR the people. Later on the "dreams for Plovdiv" video collection will be shared with the Municipality and Mayor of Plovdiv.

Name of Organization
BG Be Active
Event City and Country
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event Date