Call for action: priorities for youth wellbeing and public space in urban Sierra Leone

There is a critical need to identify both the current wellbeing of youth living in informal settlements in Sierra Leone, and to identify and invest in community-scale interventions that have potential to support and build well-being among young people.
Join us when we Call to Action! and talk about and discuss the results of a large survey of Youth Wellbeing in urban Sierra Leone. We seek to support youth wellbeing through community-led public space interventions in informal settlements. And we invite all interested actors to join the webinar to learn more, share your own experience, and help make public spaces safe, inclusive and youth friendly in Sierra Leone!
The research is a collaboration between Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone (YDC-SL) (Sierra Leone), Dreamtown (Denmark), Urban Synergies Group (Australia), University of Canberra - Health Research Institute (Australia), University of Makeni (UNIMAK) (Sierra Leone), and Civil Society in Development (CISU) (Denmark, funding partner).

This webinar hosted by QUT Design Lab.

Names and Titles of Speakers

Rasmus Bering, CEO, Dreamtown;
Nina Fredslund Ottosen, Managing Director, Dreamtown;
Cecilia Andersson, Head of Public Space Program, UN-Habitat;
Paul Karbo, Executive Director, Youth Dream Centre- Sierra Leone;
William Alpha, Director International Research, University of Makeni;
Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer, Health Resesarch Institute, University of Canberra;
Dr. Gregor Mews, Founder, Urban Synergies Group and Chief Investigator, Queensland University of Techology Design Lab

Event City and Country
Brisbane, Australia
Event Date