This event is part of the cycle of 3 online conversations INHABITING THE MARGINS IN LUSOTOPIA, with community leaders from the urban margins of Angola, Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique, being organized within the framework of the Africa Habitat Project, (coordinated by FAUL and funded by FCT and AKDN ) and the postdoctoral research in peripheral territories of Lusotopia by Débora Cavalcanti (NEST, FAU-UFAL). It is intended to hear the voices of the neighborhoods of these 4 places, in this moment of pandemic, to confront their situations and their views about living on the urban margins. In view of the dynamics of an online debate, it was decided to structure the conversation in three themes in the form of questions for each of the guests. Each block is open to questions from the audience. This third and last conversation aims to discuss the best proposals for solutions, in each region, for the issues of urban margins, in addition to envisioning a better future and thus debating how to achieve the right to housing and the city in each context.

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